Go Zone and Interchange signage replacement project

When: Monday 8 February 2021

Improving the public transport customer experience and increasing public transport patronage are key objectives of both the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA). Subsequently, the SAPTA Wayfinding Rulebook has been developed to deliver a consistent suite of signage across the Adelaide Metro network.  

A simpler wayfinding system with enhanced information will be more user friendly contributing to making Adelaide’s public transport network easier to use and understand. The principles within the Wayfinding Rulebook will be used for all future public transport infrastructure projects.

The first project using these principles is the update of all existing Go Zone stops, CBD bus stops and bus interchange stops.

  • 1,496 standard stops and 156 key stops will be installed:
    • 1419 suburban street locations
    • 140 city street locations
    • 93 bus interchange locations owned by the Department or Shopping Centres
    • Other details:
      • The Interchange maps have been updated to include more detail about services and facilities. These will be installed on the backside of interchange stops.
      • Customer Information (timetables, maps, website, etc.) will be progressively updated to reflect the Rulebook principles
  • Timeframe:
    • Start Installations: February 2021
    • Finish Installations: June 2021
Standard bus stop sign Key bus stop sign
Standard bus stop sign
Key bus stop sign

Explaining wayfinding colours

The wayfinding colour schemes across the public transport network have also been considered.

Go Zones

Go Zones are high frequency bus and tram corridors.

Go Zone bus and tram services operate:

  • Every 10-15 minutes Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm.
  • Every 30 minutes early morning, nights and weekends.

See the Adelaide Metro Go Zone network map (PDF 2.54MB)

Go Zones will be refreshed with the colour changing from red to green
Go Zone logo

Overall public transport colour

The overall public transport colour which will be prominent across all locations will be yellow.

PT Yellow

This is a continuation of current practices where yellow connects our buses, trams, trains, bus stops, city tram stops and ticket machines.


Mode colours

The different public transport modes (bus, train and tram) will continue to be represented by different colours which can be seen on our timetables. This allows customers to focus on the information relevant to the mode they are catching.

Mode colours

Service colours

Service colours further allow customer information to be broken down when at complex locations. For example, the signage at the entrance of Adelaide Railway Station shows the individual train line colours (e.g. dark blue for Outer Harbor, red for Gawler, etc.) to allow customers to focus on the information relating to the train line they are catching.

Digital screens

This is also applied across the bus network where services are depicted by contract regions so passengers can quickly determine which routes will travel on the O-Bahn (Outer North East orange) or to the Adelaide Hills (Hills green).

Outer South bus region will change from yellow to light blue to avoid clashing with the overall public transport colour. See the Service Colours in the below maps.

Real time info

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