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If you are organising an event expecting to attract 5,000 or more people, then you are required under legislation to notify the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT).

Read carefully through the 4 step process for organising an event as failure to notify the Department for Infrastructure and Transport may result in the department seeking to recover costs from you for the event.

Submit your event application

Organising an event

Step 1. Check the requirements

Confirm if you expect 5,000 or more people to your event and whether your event will have an impact on train, tram and/or bus services.  If this is the case you must complete the event notification forms and return them to Department for Infrastructure and Transport. 

Step 2. Receive assessment advice

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport will advise you if a Public Transport Plan is needed and whether you need to attend a meeting, within one month of receiving your event notification form. Where notification has been made less than 6 months prior to the event, a determination will be provided as soon as practicable.

Step 3. Public Transport Plan determination

Within 1 month of receiving the completed Event Notification form, DIT will formally advise the Venue Manager of the determination for special passenger transport services. This could include:

  • A determination of whether the event is considered Commercial or Community;
  • A proposed passenger transport plan, including arrangements for special passenger transport services;
  • Notification that no further action is required – special passenger transport services are not required for the Event nor are disruptions to regular passenger transport services anticipated.

Where DIT has determined that special passenger transport services are required DIT will, in consultation with the Venue Manager and/or Event Organiser and other relevant stakeholders, develop a Public Transport Plan.

Step 4. Obtain approval

Obtain approval of the Public Transport Plan from the Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

Cost recovery and fees

There is no administration fee from DIT for handling your Event Notification, providing an impact assessment and assessing your Public Transport Plan.

Department for Infrastructure and Transport reserves the right to recover event-related costs, for both DIT and on behalf of public transport operators. These include rearranging services, particularly if they weren’t included in a cost recovery agreement as part of your Public Transport Plan.

It is in your best interests to prepare a thorough Public Transport Plan and comply with proposed timings, to reduce the risk of cost recovery. If you fail to notify DIT of an event that impacts public transport, you may be liable for a large fine under the cost recovery section of the events legislation.

Special events funding

Some large events may require additional services due to their location and event requirements.

The provision of additional metropolitan and regional bus and coach services for events must be paid for by event organisers as part of the overall event costs, as DIT does not have allocated funding for this purpose.

In the instance where event organisers require advice or assistance with additional bus planning, DIT can provide this where possible. Please contact our Special Events team for further advice at  

Contact us

For more information and enquiries, contact Special Events at Department for Infrastructure and Transport:


(08) 7109 7230

Attn: Senior Project Officer Special Events
Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT)
GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

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