241-241A services detouring due to works for new bridge

When: From Tuesday 27 April 2021

Affecting: 241, 241A

241-241A services both directions detouring due to works for new bridge on Daly St from Tuesday 27 April until further notice. 

Services to Marion: From Everard Tce, Main South Rd, South Rd, Anzac Hwy, Beckman St then normal route.

Services to City: From Beckman St, Anzac Hwy, South Rd, Everard Tce then normal route. 

Stops Missed:

Stops 7 & 6A Gray St (both directions)

Stops 6 & 5A Daly St (both directions)

Stop 5 Tennyson St (both directions)

Stop 4A Beauchamp St (both directions)

Passengers are directed to Bus Stop 3A Everard Tce, all stops on South Rd and Anzac Highway and Stop 8 Beckman St. 

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