Tap and pay now available on Adelaide trams!

When: From Sunday 20 September 2020

Don’t have a metroCARD or Seniors Card? You can now tap and pay for your trip with your Visa, Mastercard or (enabled) smart device on all Adelaide Metro trams.

This convenient new option enables you to pay and validate your fare in one quick, easy, contactless transaction – without a lot of forward planning.

This new tap-and-pay option is ideal for people who:

  • don’t have a metroCARD or Seniors Card
  • don’t take the tram very often
  • would like to try taking the tram but haven’t yet bought a metroCARD
  • might ordinarily buy a single regular MetroTicket
  • have a tap-and-pay-enabled Visa, Mastercard or smart device
  • travel beyond the free tram zone.

We’re introducing this new tap-and-pay option on our trams first, as step one of a staged upgrade of our ticketing system. The upgrade will help us make public transport simpler, safer and easier to use and bring Adelaide up to date with other capital cities across the world.

How does it work?

Just tap/wave your Visa, Mastercard or (enabled) smart device on the new validator at the centre doors when you board your tram. When the validator screen confirms that the transaction was successful:

  • your account will be charged for one regular metroCARD fare (peak $3.84 or interpeak $2.11)
  • your credit/debit card will be your proof of purchase: if an inspector asks to see your ticket, you can provide the last four digits of your credit card as verification.
  • your fare will be valid for two hours (just like a regular MetroTicket). During this time you can transfer from tram to tram free of charge: just tap the same credit card again as you board your next tram. The system will recognise that you’ve already paid and will not charge you again.

Remember, at this stage, the new tap-and-pay option:

  • is only available on trams: you won’t be able to transfer free of charge within two hours to other modes (buses or train) or access the Tea Tree Plaza Car Park
  • is cheaper than a regular MetroTicket, but doesn’t enable you to buy a concession or a student fare.

If you already have a metroCARD, Seniors Card or a 14-Day or 28-Day Pass, you are best off continuing to use it – especially if you usually pay a concession or a student fare.

For more information, visit our Tap and pay on trams page

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