3-Day Visitor Pass


PLEASE NOTE: Adelaide Metro fare prices change Sunday 4 July 2021


Experience the vibrancy of Adelaide

Explore Adelaide's rich natural beauty, heritage and culture. From the pioneering towns and villages of the Adelaide Hills in the east, and the pristine coastline in the west, to historic Gawler in the north and McLaren Vale in the south, there’s plenty to discover, experience and enjoy during your visit.

The metroCARD 3-Day Visitor Pass is pre-loaded and ready for immediate use. The Visitor Pass is valid for three consecutive days, starting from the first day of validation.

At the end of the three day period, the Visitor Pass can be recharged with regular metroCARD fare credit.

The 3-Day Visitor Pass will get you where you want to go using Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams.

Unlimited Travel

3 consecutive


great value
for money

Explore Adelaide

on all bus, train and trams


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