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Learn about metroCARD Auto recharge

Auto recharge and never run out of value on your metroCARD

At anytime when your metroCARD balance reaches a minimum balance (threshold amount), your metroCARD will be automatically recharged from your nominated Visa or MasterCard credit card.

You must register and protect your metroCARD to set up Auto recharge.
You can also set up Auto recharge via the InfoLine or at the Adelaide Metro InfoCentre.

You can register and protect your card, once you have set up an metroCARD online account.

How to set up Auto recharge

Step 1  - Log in to your metroCARD online account to set up Auto recharge.

Auto recharge is triggered at anytime after the balance drops below the threshold amount. The threshold amounts are predetermined depending on the type of metroCARD card you have. These are as follows:

  • Regular metroCARD: $5
  • Concession metroCARD: $3
  • Student metroCARD: $3
  • Senior metroCARD: $3

Step 2 - Choose an amount you want to automatically add to your card anytime the balance reaches under the threshold – amounts available are $15, $20, $30, $40, $60, $90, $120 and $150.

This is the amount that is deducted from your nominated Visa or MasterCard credit card only* each time Auto recharge is triggered. The same credit card must be used for all Auto recharge enabled metroCARD linked to your metroCARD account and only credit card can be attached to the account. *prepaid credit cards are not accepted.

Step 3 -When you first set up Auto recharge the selected Auto recharge value will be added to your metroCARD when you next validate, regardless of your current balance. This is a system requirement to verify that the nominated credit card is linked to the Auto recharge. If you set up an Auto recharge online or over the phone, the value will be available within an hour of your setting up the recharge and will display at your next validation.

Credit Card Details

All credit card transactions are processed by the Commonwealth Bank BPOINT payment service, the South Australian Government’s secure e-commerce facility. From time to time you will need to update your card payment details such as expiry date to continue the service. To update your credit card details or change the Auto recharge amount you will need to create a new Auto recharge agreement via:

  • Adelaide Metro website (within the hour when you validate on board an Adelaide Metro Service)
  • Adelaide Metro InfoLine (within the hour when you validate on board an Adelaide Metro Service)
  • Adelaide Metro InfoCentres (immediate and no validation required)

When you activate Auto recharge or need to change your credit card details, you will need to process a recharge amount equal to the Auto recharge you select to verify your credit card. This amount will be deducted from your credit card and added to your metroCARD when you next validate on board. 

If your credit card payment is declined, you will be contacted to pay the outstanding balance by EFTPOS only (email is the preferred method of contact). If the outstanding balance remains unpaid the Auto recharge agreement will be removed and the metroCARD will be cancelled.

Example - Using a regular metroCARD at peak time

metroCARD balance before travelling – $5.50  Threshold for Auto recharge of a Regular metroCARD - $5  Auto recharge amount chosen by customer - $60

1. You validate when boarding the service

2. The metroCARD system deducts the correct fare, which in this instance would be $3.84, leaving a remaining balance of $1.66

3. The remaining balance is below the threshold, so at the next validation, the Auto recharge will trigger and the amount of $60 will added to the metroCARD. The fare for that journey will also be deducted at the same time. The new balance will display on the validator as $57.82

4. Your credit card will then be charged $60.

For more information visit the FAQs page.

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