Health, safety and behaviour

We are committed to good health and safety practices for travelling on public transport.

Adelaide Metro encourage strong health and safety initiatives in relation to COVID-19 practices to ensure customers and public transport staff can enjoy a comfortable, safe and healthy journey.

Regular cleaning of the fleet

Every Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram is cleaned and sanitised regularly for customer and staff health and safety. 

Regular cleaning of the fleet

Make room for others at vehicle doors

Move away from doors at bus, train and tram stops and stations so others can get on and off the service easily and keep us all moving faster.


Don't travel when sick

If you're unwell, please stay home and don't board public transport services. 


No feet on seats

Seats are for sitting on. Please keep your feet on the floor to keep seats clean and allow other passengers a place to sit down.


Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available throughout Adelaide Railway Station, and we encourage you to use your own sanitiser when travelling on board public transport. 


Priority seating

Priority seats are for passengers with a disability, who are pregnant or less able to stand. Someone else may need that seat more than you. 


Social distancing

Passengers are asked to remain 1.5metres apart at public transport stops and stations, and on board services when able.


No bikes in wheelchair spaces

Please move your bike out of the allocated wheelchair space if it is required by a customer in a wheelchair or using a mobility aid.


Don't forget to validate

Always remember to validate as you board your bus, train and tram to avoid a possible fare evasion fine of up to $220.


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